Rene Barbier

Léon Barbier arrived in Catalonia over a century ago. Being the son of vineyard proprietors in the region of Avignon, Barbier applied his knowledge of the French winemaking tradition to the climate and soil of Catalonia, Spain. This led to the production of magnificent, supreme-quality red, white and rosé wines. Year after year and harvest after harvest, successive generations of Barbiers have since maintained the same winemaking tradition. Particularly famous are the Cabernet and Chardonnay wines, whites and rosés, young reds and Reservas.

Rene Barbier’s production processes continue to apply the highly prestigious French tradition to the generous Catalan soil. Their wines are made from hand-picked grapes, and produce wines with perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity and fruitiness.

Rene Barbier is “all you need to know” because of its full range of wines, and perfect for any and every occasion.



Rene Barbier Tempranillo & Merlot

 Tempranillo & Merlot

Tempranillo & Merlot is a multi-awarded wine of Rene Barbier and is the perfect mixture of Tempranillo and Merlot grapes. Its taste is bright, quite full, cherry red, with the characteristic violet rim of youth. On the nose, it has good aromatic complexity, vibrant fruit (cherry, bramble) over a spicy background. The palate too is juicily fruity, but with good structure and a fine freshness from the balanced acidity.


Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red

Mediterranean Red

The Mediterranean Red mostly consists of Tempranillo with hints of Garnacha and Monastrell grapes. It is beautifully coloured bright red with a distinct purple rim. The aromas are of wild red fruits – bramble, with light touches of vanilla. The palate starts softly; with a medium tannic structure, and hints of liquorice on the finish.


Rene Barbier Mediterranean White

Mediterranean White

The Mediterranean White, with its lemony yellow colour and elegant greenish tones, is a smooth balance of white grapes varieties of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada. Its intense aromas consist of mainly apple and pineapple with a light citrus background. The Mediterranean White is fresh and tasty in the mouth with a light acidity and balance. The finish is long in fruit flavours.


Rene Barbier Petillan Rosado

 Petillan Rosado

The Petillan Rosado is a semi-sparkling wine of natural fermentation, and consists of Monastrell and Trepat grapes. It has an elegant colour of pink, with hints of rose petal and strawberry and is star bright. The fruity aroma consists of strawberry and raspberry, and the taste is soft and full of fruit, with light citrus notes and gentle petillance give the wine a wonderfully refreshing feel. It is at the same time balanced and soft to the palate.


Rene Barbier Petillan Blanco

 Petillan White

Also a naturally fermented semi-sparkling wine of mainly Macabeo white grapes with hints of Xarel-lo and Parellada white grape varieties, the Petillan Blanco is an elegant white pearl wine with pale tones of green and yellow. Its colour is perfectly clear; star bright, with very fine pearly bubbles hardly noticeable in the mouth. More noticeably, there are intense aromas of mango and orange blossom. On the palate, the slight petillance becomes apparent, and combines beautifully with a touch of citrus and melon creating an overall impression of both freshness and softness.


Rene Barbier Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza Premium

Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza Premium

The multi-awarded Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza Premium is made with 100% pure Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the world’s most recognized grape variety. The Crianza Premium is intensely coloured cherry red, with hints of notes of garnet, and spends 9 months in American Oak Barrels and at least 2 years in bottle. Its intense aromas, opening with spices, consist of pepper and clove, and a light toasty note, creating a pleasant complexity with the fruit. The palate is soft and rich, but with ripe, rich tannins. The finish is full of ripe flavours with a lovely spicy pepper and cinnamon backdrop.


Rene Barbier Cabernet Sauvignon Seleccion

 Cabernet Sauvignon Seleccion

The Cabernet Sauvignon Seleccion, which is also made of 100% pure Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, spends 3 months in new oak barrels and 4 months in second year wood barrels of either American or French origins. It has a rich deep colour with violet edges and just a hint of garnet centre. The aroma is of mature autumn fruit nose blackcurrants, bramble along with some pepper, coffee and a hint of leather. The palate is rich, powerful and deep with well integrated tannins, a fine structure to allow the wine to mature and a finishing note of black liquorice.


Rene Barbier Chardonnay Seleccion

Chardonnay Seleccion

Also a multi-awarded product of Rene Barbier, the Chardonnay Seleccion is made purely with Chardonnay a green-skinned grape variety, and will surely benefit from aging. This white wine has a golden straw colour, with light golden tones. It has a rich complex aromas of ripe fruit, melon, quince, kiwi with some fennel and hints of honey. It also has aromas of rich toasted touches from the oak offering vanilla and smoke. The palate is rich and full, with ripe exotic fruits balanced with almonds and a fine acidity and soft tannins.


Rene Barbier Gran Reserva

 Gran Reserva

The Gran Reserva, which consists mainly of Tempranillo grapes, with a slight hint of Cabernet Sauvignon, is aged beautifully and spends 25 months in American oak barrels. It has a medium intensity cherry red colour, with a terracotta rim. On the nose, the aroma is spicy, peppery with a slight hint of roast coffee beans. The palate starts lively and soft, leading to a rich mouth feel, complex and satisfying and a finish of dark liquorice. Also in the finish there are still some pleasant, balancing, soft tannins which have helped this wine to age well.




Rene Barbier Semi Seco

Cava Semi Seco

The Semi Seco is a sparkling wine (D.O. Cava) that mainly consists of Macabeo grapes with hints of Parellada and Xarel-lo grape varieties. It is of pale yellow colour, a fine mousse which creates a good and persistent crown. The Semi Seco spends about 9 to 18 months in the bottle. It gives off a pleasant, fresh, fruity and youthful aroma. On the palate, it is soft and fruity, very attractive and balanced with good acidity showing through the elegant sweetness.


Rene Barbier Brut Rosada

Cava Brut Rosada

The Brut Rosada is a cava that is made with Trepat, Garnacha and Monastrell grape varieties, and spends between 12 and 18 months in the bottle. This bright, pale strawberry pink coloured sparkling wine has a plentiful and attractive mousse, rising to a fine crown. The Brut Rosada is fine and full red fruit flavours of redcurrant, strawberry and a touch of bramble, with a hint of grenadine. It is also light and lively on the opening palate, developing into firmer red fruits again, with a soft, long creamy finish.


Rene Barbier Brut Reserva

 Cava Brut Reserva

The Brut Reserva consists of Macabeo and Parellada grape varieties with a hint of Xarel-lo, and spends about 18-24 months in bottle. The colour of this cava is pale straw yellow and is star bright. The Brut Reserva has a fine, persistent and plentiful mousse, rising to a good crown. It’s elegant and appealing on the nose, with an aroma of citrus over a Mediterranean fruit centre. The palate is lively and refreshing, well integrated and with an attractive finish.


Rene Barbier Brut Vintage

Cava Brut Vintage

The Brut Vintage, which is aged more than 36 months in bottle, consists mainly of Macabeo grapes, and Parellada grapes. This cava has a bright straw yellow colour, with speckles of green. The mousse of the Brut Vintage is fine, long and persistent, rising to an elegant crown in the glass. The aroma of this cava is bright in fruit of citrus and apple, with a light yeasty baking bread backdrop and some elegant dried fruits. The Brut Vintage is refreshing and lingering on the palate, with lime and lemon combining superbly with ripe green apples through a wonderful long sparkle and into a delicious finish.



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