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The Super 25 brand is the number one cigarette filter brand in the world. It is being manufactured by Kamaya Co. Ltd (Japan) since 1984. Super 25 has been present in the Philippines since the 1980s and is currently the leading brand for cigarette filters.

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Super 25 Cigarette Mini Filters reduces tar and nicotine intake of smokers without changing the cigarette’s taste and flavor. This enables smokers to have a smoother and healthier smoking experience. In effect, smokers can smoke guilt-free because using cigarette filters reduce the risk of acquiring smoking-related diseases.

The transparent body of the filter enables the smokers to see easily see the tar build up as they smoke.

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Super 25 is wrapped with cellophane wrappers and is being manufactured without using chemical adhesives. This feature makes the Super 25 and a cleaner and hygienic choice for smokers.



How many cigarette can I use per filter?
You can consume 5 cigarettes per filter.


Are those filters with “60% less tar and nicotine” better?
No, filtering 60% of the tar will significantly reduce the taste of the cigarette. In effect, the cigarette would appear tasteless. The 60% less tar and nicotine claim of other cigarette filter companies are highly questionable.

How many percent of tar can these filters filter?
Approximately 20% of tar can be filtered with our filters. This estimate is according to the study conducted by Kamaya Co. LTD in Japan.

Why is it named Super 25?
Super 25 is named after the actual length of the filter, which is 25 millimeter.

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